Richmond upon Thames Conservative Group

Conservative Group
The Conservative Group on Richmond Council has delivered improved services without increasing the Council Tax from 2010 to 2016.

The Conservative Group on the Richmond upon Thames Council currently holds 38 of the 54 seats. It is lead by Lord True, who is also Leader of the Council. There are eighteen wards in Richmond upon Thames and they are covered by two parliamentary constituencies.

If you want to find out more about the Group and its policies, please contact the office (see Contact page).

Richmond Park

Richmond Park is an active Conservative Association which holds regular political and social events. We support our locally elected Conservative Councillors on both Richmond and Kingston Council, as well as our Greater London Assembly Member Tony Arbour, and our London MEPs.

The constituency stretches from Barnes, Kew and Richmond upon Thames to the four wards of Kingston upon Thames north of the railway. It was created in 1997 and was held by the Liberal Democrats until 2010, when it was won by Zac Goldsmith.  Seeking re-election in 2015, Zac Goldsmith significantly increased his majority, achieving the biggest gain anywhere on the night. 

Prior to first being elected, Zac Goldsmith made a pledge that he would force a by-election in the constituency if a Conservative Government ever gave a Green Light to expansion at Heathrow.  When the Government announced plans for a Third Runway in October 2016, he felt duty-bound to honour that pledge, and he stood as an Independent during the ensuing by-election (the Conservatives did not a field a candidate).

In the absence of a Green candidate, and with the Labour Party in disarray, the Liberal Democrats took the seat with a smaller majority, capitalising on the strong Remain sentiment within the Constituency.

The Association is in the process of selecting a new parliamentary candidate, who will be chosen by the membership. You can find about more about this, and our other activities, by visiting


The Richmond Park Conservative Association covers the following Richmond upon Thames wards:


Twickenham Conservative Association continues to go from strength to strength and the Local Elections in 2014 saw the Conservatives gain a significant number of seats on the Twickenham side of the River and the 2015 General Election returned a Conservative MP.

There were local gains in Hampton North, Fulwell and Hampton Hill, West Twickenham, Heathfield and Whitton wards.

In 2015, Dr Tania Mathias unseated the long-serving Liberal Democrat MP, Vince Cable, returning a Conservative Twickenham MP to Parliament for the first time in a generation.

TCA is a political association. Members are given the opportunity to select Conservative Party candidates for both local and national government. They can also vote in Party Leadership contests. Most significantly they can influence Conservative Party policy through the Conservative Policy Forum. This is a great way to make your views known and make a difference.

TCA does not just undertake political work, it holds social functions organised both on a constituency basis and within individual wards. These functions are advertised on the events page of the Association web site, and everyone is welcome to attend. This can be a fantastic way of being involved in your local association.

By joining us you can not only help ensure that the huge changes we have made across the Borough since being elected in 2010 continue beyond 2018, but can also get involved in local politics and have your voice heard.


The Twickenham Conservative Association covers the following wards: