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Consistently delivering to residents of Richmond upon Thames ...

  • 1£30million saved though efficiency & shared staff
  • 2 Council Tax frozen for 6 years in a row
  • 3Over 1,230 new school places, with 6th Forms in all Community Secondary Schools
  • 4Fighting a 3rd runway at Heathrow
  • 5£6million spent on pavements and potholes, £1.5million on parks & open spaces
  • 630 minutes free parking with a Richmond card.
  • 7Music, art and drama festivals supported
  • 8Planning Development Policies strengthened
  • 9Village Plans include new safeguards to protect local character (Supplementary Planning Documents)
  • 1097% of residents satisfied with their local area
    (Annual Resident Survey 2015)

Mayor of London hides 4.3% increase in Council Tax

Sadiq Khan is secretly increasing Council Tax

The Mayor of London is about to hide a real increase in his Council Tax precept - costing Richmond residents around £700k.

In 2006 the Mayor of London added an Olympic Precept to his element of the Council Tax, with Londoners paying an additional percentage to cover the cost of delivering the Tournament. It was scheduled to end with residents paying the final instalment in March 2017.

In documents released by the GLA, from 1 April the Olympic Precept has not been removed. Instead, it has now been absorbed into the overall GLA monthly contribution.

Lord True, Leader of Richmond Council, demands that Sadiq Khan ‘come clean’ and admit that his proposed "1.46%" increase in the GLA Council Tax contribution is in fact a rise of 4.3%.

Nicholas True

I urge the Mayor to explain to Londoners why this rise being hidden. In the current economic climate, we all need to review our finances and in some cases, increases are necessary. However, all politicians must be open and honest and not hide charges from those that pay the bills!